About Me 

I’m Leslie, a girl who has lived and grown up in three countries, and in cities all by the bay. I’m American and Taiwanese, and currently studying in Tokyo, Japan. My passions lie in writing, baking, reading, and music when I have time off my busy schedule. You can always catch me at the local cafe or library, studying or sleeping (often both). I love San Francisco’s foggy mornings when the dew clings to the blades of grass; the smell of fresh youtiao, or Chinese fried churros, when the dough hits the sizzling oil, and the scent of sakura that permeates the wagashi with matcha tea.

This Blog

I started this blog to share my experiences growing up in different environments: I was born in California, but I spent my last few years of middle school and high school in Taiwan. Now, I’m currently living in Tokyo, Japan. This blog consists of my musings, narratives, commentary that reflects my opinions and my thoughts. In a sense, I’m an American expat but I still struggle to refer to myself as one because a crucial part of my growing up was spent in my parent’s home country, Taiwan.

I write for a multitude of publications so my other more business-oriented or professional work will also be showcased on here as well. Some of the publications I write for are:

  • Spoon University: A food publication created by students for students.
  • The Metric: A student-run newspaper that reflects global issues from a personal perspective.
  • Schoolynk: A publication for current and hopeful international students in Japan.

Contacting Me

If you are interested in specific content, have any questions, or dropping by Tokyo/Taiwan, please let me know! If there is something in particular you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to leave comments or contact me through the blog’s features.

For business inquiries for freelance writing, I can be contacted through LinkedIn, email, or through this blog for additional information. I am currently accepting clients at the moment and please let me know if you would like to collaborate!

Thank you for stopping by!